Trick or Treating

Hello Ghouls and Ghosties,

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. Last night Dylan and I took our son trick or treating. It was the first year Dylan didn’t close on Halloween and got to come with. It was a blast.

We had a theme with our costumes. Our son was CatBoy from PJ Masks, Dylan was the Joker and I was Harley Quinn. Also a first, the first time in the 8 years we’ve been together that Dylan agreed to dress up with me. I let Dylan pick our costumes and he did great.

all 3


me b sie

First we went to our small town trunk or treat. The entire down town decorates their trucks and cars and passes out candy. The town did wonderful. The people were giving handfuls of candy and they even had a small carnival. You play a game and win either candy or a small prize. Our son was really good at the bean bag toss!


Fun Fact about my son. He loves witches and blow ups. When he seen this witch blow up he wanted to give her his balloon. He spent a good five minutes playing with the witch before he wanted to move on and start playing the games.

There was another little game where you try to throw a cardboard pizza on pizza pans and if you win you get a free ice cream. It was so cute and sweet!

Next, we went to another trunk or treat at a local church. It was very small this year and not a lot of people but it was raining. The church people were so sweet and kind.

Then Dylan and I decided we really wanted to try to find door to door trick or treating. My son has been watching YouTube videos like crazy this month and a lot of people who live in cities go door to door. He has been begging us to go door to door and we kept telling him we had no idea if there was such a thing here.

We found a smaller neighborhood that had some waking to each house. He LOVED it. We went to 6 houses and it was so much fun. He got to ring door bells and he very sweetly would say trick or treat, Happy Halloween and then Thank you. He got 14 pieces of candy from 6 houses! It was awesome. We will definitely go back next year to that little neighborhood for him.

It was a very fun night of Trick or Treating and we went to Sonic for .50 corn dogs afterwards! It was a huge hit and a wonderful Halloween. I hope all of your Halloween’s were just as magical.

Now that Halloween is over for the rest of the world, doesn’t mean its over for us. Over the next 12 months I will still be here writing about different Halloweenie and Spooky things and adventures so stay tuned.

Until Next Time Ghouls and Ghosties,
Ghoulishly Yours,



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