Halloween Weekend

Hello Ghouls and Ghosties,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! For our final weekend of October we took our son to a few Trick or Treating places in the community.

Target Paw Patrol Event


First off Target had a Paw Patrol Trick or Treat event in the store. My son was Catboy from PJ Masks. The event was very small. You enter the store and there is a person at a small table passing out a Paw Patrol tub for the event. The lady told us that there were two tables throughout the store passing out candy and little activities. Unfortunately only one table was set up and it was right next to the toy isle.. my son was more interested in the toys then getting the one piece of candy haha. We tried to find the other table but the woman who was running it put it up an hour early. It was a cute little thing for the kids but also disappointing to go all that way in costume for one piece of candy.



Next, we decided to go to the Hyvee Halloween Party. It was SO fun! The first 100 children got a free trick or treat bag to use throughout the store and we got one of the first 5! You go from station to station throughout the store. Starbucks, Chinese restaurant, butcher, baker, ect.. They each give you a piece of candy. Then there was a cotton candy person passing out cotton candy. Then there was a cooking decorating station, and a pumpkin coloring station. Both my son loved. It was a cute little trick or treating experience and my son loved it!


The Strip, Trick-or-Treating


There is a place near where I live called the Strip. It is a street filled with businesses and its right next to the damn. The entire street decided to pass out candy to the kids! We started at on end of the street, crossed the highway and went down the other. The treats ranged from candy, to Fudge pops from the local fudge store. There was a smaller area where there was games set up. You win the game you get a prize. Either candy or a small toy. My sons first time attempting golf and he got the ball in the first try! They also had a cookie decorating station here. This was a super fun experience and I love that our community put this together for the kids.

cookies decor

To finish the weekend on Sunday we carved our pumpkins.

My son painted his first and then with a little help from his Nan, they carved a face. I made mine into a scary face and Dylan made his into Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.

my pumpkin



It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to Halloween. Dressing up and going trick or treating! Stay tuned lovely ghouls.

Until Next Time Ghouls and Ghosties,
Ghoulishly Yours,


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