The Haunted Holler

Hello Ghouls and Ghosties,

Halloween sure is flying by this month. I hope your all enjoying yourselves. Last Friday night Dylan and I went to a small haunted house called the Haunted Holler.

This Haunted House was running its third year. The first two years was a haunted trail throughout 1/4 mile trail in the woods.

This year was a little different. It was a much smaller little trail/house and then the option to shoot zombies with paintball.

We were just going to do the Haunted Trail this year, but to be fair to the blog we thought we should do the entire experience so we could give the best review.

Lets start with the Trail.. It was definitely fun with lots of screaming actors who jump out right behind you and scream in your ear. It definitely made me jump a few times. I would recommend making the Haunt a little longer, it took less than 5 minutes to go through the entire thing.

haunted holler2

Next was the Paintball zombies. Now this was a fun idea. You get 100 paintballs to shoot at the targets and zombies. It was  fun to shoot some paintballs, but once again there were only two zombies to shoot at.. and they just stood there and let you shoot at them. Dylan loved this because he loves to shoot paintball, but I however wish there would have been a little bit more bang for the buck.



Just The Haunted Trail: $5
Paintball and Haunted House: $15

I give them an overall 7/10. I did love it in previous years, and I do know they spent more time turning into a paintball event this year. Which I believe they are opening up their own paintball company so it makes sense. I hope next year they add a little more but I will go back and support them because it was a good little haunt.

I recommend everyone to check it out, especially if paintball is your thing!

This weekend we will be going to many different kid friendly trick or treat parties, at local businesses so make sure to check back throughout the weekend and see how that went!

Until Next Time Ghouls and Ghosties
Ghoulishly Yours,


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