Halloween 2018

Hello again Ghouls and Ghosties,

This edition of Trick or Treat is about the new Halloween movie.


Dylan and I went and seen it Friday night and then again Sunday morning.  We wanted to see if there was anything we had missed.

“Halloween” opens with a pair of pod-casters going to meet Michael and Laurie for a piece they’re doing. Michael has been completely silent for four decades, never saying a word, but the pod-casters think it a good idea to bring him his mask on the day of the interview, meaning they will be nearby when Mike later escapes and beats them to death. As he makes his way back to Haddonfeld on Halloween, a dozen or so victims stand in his way, including Laurie’s granddaughter and some of her teenage friends, some cops, and a few other locals. There’s an excellently staged sequence as Michael’s killing spree starts and the camera stays mostly outside of homes, watching the icon go about his work through windows.

I feel the remake is a lot like the original. Meaning alot of small things happen almost exactly the same. This movie has a very empowering woman standpoint going on. You can’t play the victim forever is the vibe you get from Laurie.

One of the teenagers asks what is so scary about a man with a knife who only killed five  people forty years ago, When the world is a much scarier place in 2018. With the war, serial killings, people with guns, and movies like jigsaw. So the directors answer the question. They up the horror factor. The killings are much more graphic in this movie. Which was a nice taste to the new horror genres.

Laurie is a survivor of P.T.S.D and this movie kind of circles this throughout. Laurie is an ace shot with a front door covered in padlocks and a bunker beneath her home. And that trauma spreads generationally, most evident in poor Karen her adult daughter, who hates Halloween so much she wears a Christmas sweater on Halloween and who saw the worst of her mother’s survivalist self-preservation, to the point that Child Services removed her from Laurie’s care.

Laurie and Karen have a horribly rocky relationship because of how Karen was raised. That doesn’t stop Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson and Laurie having a pretty good relationship. Allyson feels bad for her grandmother and wants to help her.

This movie likes to make you know time and time again that there were no sequels, in this version Laurie and Michael were not related, there was no rhyme or reason as to why Michael went after her. In my opinion it was much scarier when you knew the two were siblings.

I wont give away the latter half of this movie, you have to see it for yourself.

I would give this movie a 8/10 score

The graphics are better.+
The acting is spot on.+
A few things that didn’t quite make sense.-
The music was spot on all the way through.+
Many, Many more killings.+

I would definitely give this movie a chance. Go into it with an open mind, and just allow yourself to watch. It has some jump scares, and some of those oh my goodness moments.

I’m glad I got to watch it twice, and will definitely be buying this movie once it comes out on dvd.

Thanks For reading Ghouls and Ghosties,
Until Next Time,
Ghoulishly Yours,




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